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    HP Nabs Info Leaker

    Taken from - http://www.shortnews.com/shownews.cf...506&u_id=26833

    Very interesting, I wonder how much the informant was being paid to leak the info...

    HP Nabs Whistle-Blower

    HP has said that it has fired an employee from the company who was caught leaking sensitive company memos to the press. The company would not divulge the employee's name, or what kind of information was in the memos.

    HP has suffered financial losses from leaked memos like the one released to the press in March, which indicated that one of the company's divisions wasn't performing as well as it should be. That memo drove down stock prices.

    The search is still on, however, for the person who intercepted a message left by HP's CEO to another high-level executive, saying that the board might "do something extraordinary" to influence votes on the merger with Compaq. That vote passed.
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    LOL.........Could a disgruntled employee be considered a revolutionary? Perhaps he was trying to dismantle Multinationals from the inside?

    The truth is out there, people!

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