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Thread: AOL Snubbing M$?

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    AOL Snubbing M$?

    Taken from - http://www.shortnews.com/shownews.cf...503&u_id=26833

    Hehe <kid mode> *sticks out tongue* na-na-na-na-na-na I am getting back at you M$ for snubbing me! </kid mode>

    Browser Wars II : The Revenge of AOL

    It looks like the flames of the browser wars of the 1990's are about to be fanned again, with AOL's announcement of the inclusion of Netscape's "Gecko" browser in the upcoming Compuserve suite, in preference to the traditional Internet Explorer.

    After Microsoft's release of Windows XP and its apparent snub of the AOL suite as a preferred on- line provider, there has been speculation that AOL will try to get their own back by packaging the Netscape (now owned entirely by AOL) "gecko" browser.

    This speculation has appeared to be true as AOL have announced that their upcoming Compuserve suite will prove as a test bed for the take-up of the rival browser. Good news for web designers though, as both now comply with existing standards.
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    This is going to be funny!
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    Oh yeah, This is gonna be fun

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    Dude that's funny...and to think, AOL's trying to 'embrace' open source by including a browser that's made by a bunch of developers that aren't associated with Netscape but it's a Netscape project and Netscape's owned by AOL now...


    Speaking of AO-Hell, I've converted another one to cable today! Woo! Score 1 for the home team!
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