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    PDA...now with Linux

    OK, well, I'm not a Linux guru, but I know some of you here at AO are and I just came across this article about Sharp releasing a PDA using the Linux OS. I think it's good that someone did, hopefully some reviews will come out and we'll see which PDA OS is the most efficient. The more competition to MS the better I think...on all platforms.

    Here's the link:

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    Yeah, This is a good step towards Linux closing the gap with Microsoft... I have been looking for a PDA maybe I should get this one?

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    Linux has been also available for the iPAQ and u can get an advanced ssh client for palm that allows you to use your linux box remotely and even ues x-server on it (full screen mode)

    Pretty smooth, i havent used it much although when i get enough cash i might buy an iPAQ and try that out....

    Im a *nix newbie myself but ever since ive switched to *nix im never goin back to windows(maybe for tools like photoshop) but thats about it..... im alot more comfterable in the *nix environment then i am in the windows environment at the moment

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    I didn't check your link, but I assume you are talking about the Sharp Zaurus. Or maybe they changed the name to the SL5500 in that article. It used to be called the Zaurus, but they changed the name for some reason. The developers version is the S5000D. Its actually pretty cool. It has a really crisp screen, pretty fast, and of course, it is all linux/java. My biggest problem so far is finding a CF or SD network/modem card that will work with it. I haven't had much of a chance to try and get one working though. Some of the developers have gotten a few bluetooth cards working with it though.
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