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Thread: Antionline "Criminal hackers"?

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    You do not have to Unistall Norton Internet security just goto its options , from the blocked or restricted URL's list search for AO or any other URl you want to remove and then just DEL it. Otherwise just disable the parental control.
    Symantec sure need's to check out its restricted URL's list. Even my daily horoscope link was restricted as OCCULT SITE.
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    If you now start listing ways you can bypass those filters this becomes a criminal hacker site...
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    Re: Antionline "Criminal hackers"?

    [QUOTE] Originally posted here by -XSCOTTX-
    [B]Hey there people bout 3 months ago i went out and brought norton internet security(which contains norton personal firewall and anti-virus and ad-blocker and parent control)

    Hey Scott,
    I use Norton Firewall 2002, but I can't find the ad-block feature you're talking about. Can you help?
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