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Thread: Computer jobs

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    Question Computer jobs

    Hey everybody,me again.
    I would like to ask all you Anti-online members what computer jobs you have had,or currently
    have and how much you get paid and how you got the job exc.
    And i would also like to hear from all those lazy people who sit on there computer all day
    how do you make a living
    thanx scott

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    Well seeing as im only 17 i havent had ANY computer jobs other then freelance work for friends and family......

    but i have worked at places like Auto Dealerships, Clothing Stores, and now the worst yet, a Hair Salon!!!!!! I am currently looking for a computer job and am applying for a few places....

    I am also starting my linux community at linux-users.net... its not up yet cus my server died on me and i have to reconfigure some things but it shall be up soon Might make some money off of that after a while, also is a good reference on a Resume, that shows i can run and maintain a secure server and that i can also creat a website with PHP etc.

    but if you yourself are looking for a job try AntiOnline Carrer Center, its not a bad place to look

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    This thread was also recently discussed....twice. The last one was closed because there is a huge list of posts reguarding what jobs people have.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    i dont really have a job on computers i just use them for fun, however to fund my obsession i do run a load of xxx sites that now have daily traffic upwards of 300k.

    im 15 so dont really have any plans for a job jet but a webdesigner would be ideal as i specalise in photoshop and flash

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    Well, im 16 and I was asked by my school a couple of years back to test their NT network.... I had to go on a random computer in the school that was connected the the LAN/WAN and try to see what could happen if someone wanders around.... I wasnt really paid (I didnt go to class and it was fun) When I was finished I convonced the schools tech to switch the network to a good flavor of *nix at the time
    I do believe I made a change

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