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Thread: Marketing Feature

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    Marketing Feature

    I have problems with the called "Microsoft Marketing Feature", I think it's a hidden trojan in MS Office 2000 suite,
    It's no big deal though, actually it's a common practice to hide trojans these days
    I found it when I started to reverse engineer the code, and now it keeps on wanting to "go tell Billy that you've been doing ugly things" every time I bootstart. My firewall stops it though.

    Is it a trojan, or I messed something up?

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    you might of messed something up.... but it could be Billys way of keeping tabs on people..... you know big brother IS watching us and his name just might as well of been Billy

    Thats why i did the smart thing of switching to *nix, also an easier way of keeping tabs on what ports are open, its easier to close them and monitor whats going on

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