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Thread: ip chains for linux

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    ip chains for linux

    Does anybody know how to install ip chains on linux. If you know of a site that tell how to explictly, i would like to know. Or if you know yourself holla at me and explain it step by step. I have verson 2.4.7-10 and I am running in KDE. [blur]Please help![/blur]

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    Lightbulb ip chains vs iptables

    SInce you are running the 2.4 kernel, you might want to think about using iptables. A stateful firewall is a really nice thing to have running (which is a happy benefit of using iptables.) The best general-information / HowTo sites that I've found for this are:



    There are also tons of example scripts out there, just make sure you're careful about understanding why these samples are written the way they are. (Some of them are well documented, so that helps the learning curve a lot.)

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    36_chambers, you might want to read up on netfilter (iptables) as was suggested. IIRC, it's included in the 2.4.x kernel, and it should be there by default. Check for /usr/sbin/iptables or /sbin/iptables depending on your distribution. If it's not there, go to http://netfilter.samba.org/ and read the documentation there...

    Ipchains is effective as a packet filter, but some of the functionality that Netfilter offers is far superior to ipchains (such as true Source and Destination NAT, rate limiting, Stateful inspection).
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    i didn't think anyone really used ip chains anymore....iptables is kind of taking over.

    personally i use snort...it's an intrusion detection software, you can get it at http://www.snort.org/. you can get rulesets from just about anywhere, i suggest getting a new one at least once a week.

    snort is also fun if you just want to see all the crap coming into your machine.
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