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Thread: Firewall on Proxy Server

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    Question Firewall on Proxy Server

    Well, I've installed the Agnitum Outpost at home and i'm very pleased with it, in fact I was thinking about sugesting at work to buy the pro version and install it there.

    The setup that we have for internet access is a cisco hardware firewall conected directly to a box with win2k advanced server, with isa server to control the users access to the net (acting like a proxy server/firewall) ,wich has 2 nics, one to the firewall the other to the internal network.

    I was thinking to install the firewall on the isa server, configure it, and place it on block most mode, blocking everithyng else....

    Now the question, i think this was supposed to work, but i've remembered that the agnitum outpost places a digital signature on the allowed apps to prevent a trojan/other app to connect pretending to be one of the allowed apps, so I dunno if the data being sent to the isa server is going to be able to pass the firewall?

    My doubt in here is about how the agnitum manages those digital sigs, if it really marks the file, or if keeps a record of the file caracteristics....

    I'm going to contact agnitum about this, but if any of you, know about this problem or any other that can come up......


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    I don't know about Output (TPF does it...thats what I know), but whatever you find out, do post it here.
    Ah well...I\'m back on AntiOnline!

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