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Thread: MSIE 6 Bugs?

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    Question MSIE 6 Bugs?

    I have recently noticed a few bugs in MSIE, and was wondering if anyone else has seen or heard of them.

    1. I have a DSL connection at home. If I am not connected and I try to open up IE, hundereds of blank IE windows open up on top of one another until I get a blue screen or I hard shut down (turn it off). Ther is no other way to cancel this.

    2. If I put my Visor in the HotSync cradle while a page is loading, the computer restarts. No warning, no nothing. It just restarts itself instantly.

    I anyone has any ideas as to how to fix these bugs, please let me know.
    If not, watch out for the bugs I found!
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    I would think that with all the windows popping up, there should be a setting you can adjust some where, so it only tries to open a window once, and doesn't keep trying if it fails. Just an idea...
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