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    Some Graphics tools

    Here are some graphics tools you can use to make and work with images for your web sites.

    1)GIF Construction set-- You can animate preexisting gifs with it, and you can also make banners and moving signs with it. $20.00 www.mindworkshop.com

    2)Ultimate Paint-- paint program you can get for free. There is also a pay version. www.ultimatepaint.com/index.html

    3)Painter 23-- another free paint program &

    4) Icona 5 for working with icons. These last two are freeware and they can be found at:

    Click the "graphics" link on Jan's homepage to get to these.
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    thanks I was looking for that GIF constuction set. Going to make me some gifs with gnomes in it. Gnomes always make things better inless there evil gnomes than they make things worse.
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