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Thread: April 20th 2k2

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    AntiOnline Senior Medicine Man
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    Cool April 20th 2k2

    Well, I would like to wish everyone here a happy 4/20.

    Mad shouts to Remote_Access on this special day, sorry you can't participate with us. Your probley on probation or somthing. I am having a LAN party at my job so we can all "Celebrate"
    together. I hope you guys have plans for today.... and by the way, lets not be discouraged by April 20th because if you look at its history, it is pretty dark.

    If you don't understand the significance of today, search google for 420. It will all come to you.
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

    THC/IP Version 4.2

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    w00t! 4:20 on 4/20
    Right on Dr Toker... Lets party

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    Happy 4/20 Dr. Toker.... Im going to smoke a fat bowl every hour on the hour..... and 2 bowls when the clock hits 4:20......

    Somke it up AO...

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    Dead on man! Have a great 4/20!

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    It's my B-day and I'm getting high and having sex with lots of bitches

    Happy 4-20!!!

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