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Thread: Lag of death

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    Lag of death

    In some case there is a very very very long time of reaction on the site without apparently any reason.
    I have this problem very often when I post an answer in a thread and I'm obliged to re-post my answer.
    And in some rarely case, the site understand my answer without refresh correctly and I must later delete my double answers.

    And if I want to download something somewhere, it is not possible to use AntiOnline. It is really too slow!!
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    Wow, Your connection must really be sh!t... I mostly use aDSL and T3 to browse the site, but when I do use my 56k the site is fine.... Try clearing your cookies, cache and temporary files then try again... because it could be that your cache is so *****ing huge that it slows down your computer

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    Greetings All:

    Well, the lag of death has been fixed once and for all!

    Thread Closed! WooHoo!

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