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Thread: Disabling Java Scripting in Outlook Express

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    Disabling Java Scripting in Outlook Express

    I've read where if you use Microsoft's Outlook Express e-mail client, you're vulnerable to Java scripts in e-mails. They can be used to inform other people when you read the e-mail and even more nefarious actions. Is there a way to disable Java Script in Outlook express without disabling it for the whole box? I know I really ought to disable it in Internet Explorer, but it's such a pain dealing with some sites without it enabled. Anyway, do any of you Outlook Express users know how to do this?
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    IInternet Explorer and Outlook are both made by Microsoft and are both a member of the X office familie!
    If you know how to diable it in IE.exe then you can do it to tin outlook becourse it's the same thing you do! The same place and all the stuff like that!

    (I have chacked it on my own MS b0x).

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    simple, read your mail in plain text.
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