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Thread: Linux + Windows netwerk :-/

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    Question Linux + Windows netwerk :-/

    I have a Windows ME box with a dial up internet connection and a Storm Linux box without one. I want the Windows box to share it's internet connection with the linux box. Can sombody tell me step by step what to do? How to configure the network, etc... I have the network cards plugged into each other, and that's about it. Thank you so much..


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    Personal opinion? Install IPNAT and IPF or similiar on the Linux box, then use it to do a dial-up PPP to your ISP. The Windows box can just have an RFC1918 address (of the 192.168.x.x variety) and a default route to the Linux machine.

    So, in this scenario, the Linux box would have an IP of like and the Windows box You'd have to convince the PPPd to dial-out to an ISP and option a DHCP lease (I think there are good examples in the man page for pppd, if memory serves). You can probably even set the linux box to auto-dial, too, when it gets a packet bound for the Internet (just make sure you kill all the "chatty" stuff from the Windows box, like SMB/NetBIOS/etc, else you'll be dialing your ISP continuously)
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