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    User Tends to receive AP bar??

    I was looking at the AP bar today, and I came up with the idea of a 'User Tends to Receive' AP bar. This would be a much better indicator than the dots, and would also conform more to the way the rest of the site looks. It'll also give a really quick look at HOW bad/good this person is considered by AOers.

    Just an idea.
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    Re: User Tends to receive AP bar??

    Originally posted here by chsh
    It'll also give a really quick look at HOW bad/good this person is considered by AOers.
    Call me stupid, but I kinda thought that's what the AP's were for in the first place... No matter how they're represented, they still get that idea across. Personally, I like the little green circle-boxes. Interesting idea though.

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    The idea is not bad, but I prefer the boxes too...
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    I think its a good idea, Underneath the User tends to assign put a User tends to recieve bar... Good one!

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    except you already know what they tend to get... if they tend to get negative... they will have red squares.... if they get more green they will have green... if it is in the middle they will have a middle amount of dot....
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    The problem is that a bar shows a SPECTRUM, whereas the amount of APs someone had is a finite quantity... When I was making the 'tends to assign' and 'post assigned' bars, I considered a AP replacement, but except for minor color issues, I think the current ones aren't too bad. (There are actually two colors of green and two of red, but it can be hard to distinguish. The first five green dots are darker than the remaining amount, because they are worth 100pts or so, instead of 200.)
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    Greetings All:

    Thanks for the suggestion chsh, but I like the little dot system =)

    I went ahead and took Terr's suggestion, and made the color distinction more obvious.

    thanks again all, thread closed.

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