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    Missing Button...

    I've come across a small bug. It's no big deal and is easily rectified by switching browser's....

    It seems that whenever I visit this brilliant site using Konqueror's 2.1.1 browser I lose the "expand all" button. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Umm... Dont you mean Expand All link? Because I use IE6 and theres no button... Only a link

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    You're quite right. I mean link.....
    Like I said....I couldn't see it when I made that post.

    Just on a side note....I found it rather suprising that you use IE6....especially with your anti Micro$oft signature and your constant referal towards RedHat.....Anyway, just an observation

    Congrats on your 1000th post....

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    The reason that the link isn't there, is because that feature doesn't work with all browsers. It relies on dhtml. You'll also notice that threads won't auto-collapse if you use those browsers, UNLESS you have that option turned on in your site-options.

    since this isn't a bug, i'm closing the thread.

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