I lived in chicago for 27 years and it was ok but the violence was getting bad for the kids to grow up there so the parents asked me to move to ky where they live

Ok for computer knowledge i work as assistant admin in training for a world wide computer corp for 2 years with full access to everything great on my part HEHE anyways i was building computers for local companies and residents on the side but with gateway dell and a few other computer manufactures they have dropped their prices so i only build them for family members now and its getting a little boring and now i want to expand the software side of my knowledge and fixsecurity problems with all os'es well most os'es i have extream knowledge with all windowz some in macs and very little in unix and linix i'm attending tech colledge this fall for extensive sysco router training and c++ programming company is paying for the whole thing too well i didn't mean to wright a biography but i wanted everyone to know who and what i know any questions i will try to answer them the best i can THANKS gcfd688