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Thread: The IRC Kiddie

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    Talking The IRC Kiddie

    Heh, I was in AO IRC (http://irc.antionline.com) minding my own buisness when out of nowhere a guy whose nick was Rupert sent a message to me... The whole conversation is below... I have to warn you, it contains some crude language

    <Rupert> YOu ****in DICK
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> huh
    <Rupert> yeah your a moron
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> thanks
    <Rupert> You smell like Brads grandmas pussy
    <Rupert> you dingleberry
    <Rupert> ****ing trash slutty whore
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> yep, you got me pinned
    <Rupert> If I find you I will kick the **** out of you
    <Rupert> and kill you
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> cool man
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> ill be expecting you
    <Rupert> and kill your whole family you ****ing ass
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> ill put one some tea and cookies
    <Rupert> good you piece of ****
    <Rupert> I will kill you
    <Rupert> *******
    <Rupert> sun of a bitch
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> thank you
    <Rupert> I hope you ****ing die by eating your poo
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> that would be interesting
    <Rupert> yeah you little bitch
    <Rupert> shut the **** up
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> wow, am i supposed to feel threatened by a 10 year old?
    <Rupert> yeah you little ****
    <Rupert> you should
    <Rupert> since you suck my dick
    <Rupert> I'm your daddy
    <Rupert> and your my bitch
    <Rupert> so shut the **** up
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> ahh, you bore me
    Wow, IRC is going downhill, LOL

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    Wow A1cd,
    Do you have any idea who this Rupert might be? Think it was somebody else here at AO masquerading under another name? (I guess I'm getting paranoid in my old age) Then again, it might just be somebody trolling for trouble.
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    I think it mught be freeOn, I mightve done something stupid... Im not sure what
    Ill tell you what happens

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    That guys grasp of the english language was unreal. What a command of grammer. He just awed me with his 1337 style. I sure do ph34r him. We all should tremble for the end is near...................<grin>
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    ac1dsp3ctrum the **** head thanks for broadcasting my IP on IRC

    You want proof heres a snippet from my log you tard

    <Rupert> hey Preacher what's your site again >
    <Rupert> ?
    <Anthony> (Link: http://skriptkittysecurity.cjb.net)http://skriptkittysecurity.cjb.net
    <ac1dsp3ctrum> 12.***.***.***
    <Lord_DarkSide_X> x: they are also going off the air
    <xmaddness> at least they got buried in the arlington

    <ac1dsp3ctrum> 12.***.***.*** <-- That's the interesting part

    Well your ISP has already been notified and as proof I gave them a snippet from my apache log and this snippet from the IRC log.

    Enjoy and Cya

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    freeOn.. I was not the one who brodcasted it forst.... If you look carefully in your IRC logs you will see that ThePreacher[Cable] brodcasted it first... I did it again by accident because I thought that was a link to scriptkiddiesecurity.....

    <ThePreacher[cable]> 12.*.*.* yes, and its flash
    <xmaddness> i wish i had sound on this comp
    <Rupert> yeah
    <Shangrila> xmadd>get a radio
    <ThePreacher[cable]> is that on cable? dsl?
    <hogfly> RiOtEr: thats just a stupid way to try to justify doing it
    I sent you the whole thing in a PM to show that it is your IP

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    Oh yeah brilliant deduction people if you didn't know my other nick on IRC then youre not very bright

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    Oh I know ThePreacher is in the same boat so don't worry your not alone

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    Wait... How did you report me to my ISP? I am using multiple proxies...... Ummm, Ok, This is weird.... Ill take your word for it though

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    freeOn, thank you for the small advertisement for my website. Be sure to visit Skript Kitty Security and check out The List. By the way, you posted my hostname also, which is basically the same as my ip, and I really don't care. I did state your ip in the chat, but since your website is linked to it, anyone could easily get it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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