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    Web-based NT & Win2k password cracker !

    I just posted this over in the Microsoft Security Forum, but thought it fit here as well.

    My buddy Morlock just finished up something that ya'll might be really interested in.

    An NT and Win2k password cracking app that is 1,000's faster than l0phtcrack.

    There will be a press-release sometime today (Monday), if not then definately Tuesday. The technology behind this is quite amazing and is something that he has been working on for quite a while. The concept / technology is quite dynamic and we can port it to almost all encryption / hash technology.

    Preliminary testing shows that it retrieves over 1,000 passwords in less than 30 seconds.. That doesn't mean that it ONLY checks for 1,000 passwords... That means it actually is RETRIEVING over 1,000 passwords in under 30 seconds... Some modifications over the next week should decrease this time by 30%.

    There is nothing like it. - A little Wizardy is what Morlock calls it. ;-)

    You can check it out here. www.sec33.com/modules.php?name=IPC

    Take a look and let us know how it works out for ya.

    Kelvin:// - kelvin@sec33.com
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    Sounds interesting. If Morlock really want to impress people, he should release the source code. Maybe if people worked on his idea we could come up with an even better solution .

    As usual Kelvin, nice post . Btw how's Simple Simon going? Has be been hacked yet?
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