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Thread: kswapd help

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    Question kswapd help


    I was just wondering if anybody could please give me any ideas whats up with me new (not working) linux box.

    comp is 3yrs old
    pentium II i think
    44mb ram
    everything else pretty much standard
    compaq presario 2282

    i have installed Red Hat 7.1 and Mandrake 8.0 at different times, 3 times a piece (got dial-up so cant really d/l the newest versions, have to look out for one on disk somewhere)
    everytime i had the same problem on boot
    Starting kswapd V1.8
    then nothing, everything looks up including the keyboard
    with the 3 seperate installations of each os i had 3 different swap partitoin sizes
    first 256mb followed by 512mb and 126mb.
    still had same problem.
    evil_enchilada spent along time trying to help me which i am grateful for but to no prevail
    said probably a hardware problem
    does anybody know what kind of hardware could cause this to happen? or if it could be due to another problem?

    Thank You for your time.

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    Your modem? Your hardrive may have bad sectors causeing the program to miss some code.

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