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Thread: Israel under hack attack

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    Cool Israel under hack attack

    Israel under hack attack.
    Date: Thursday, April 18th Source: Iafrica.com

    Israel has its fair share of problems to worry about these days, not least of which is the fact that since September 2000 they have been victim of sustained cyber attacks by pro-Palestinian hackers. As the violence gets worse, the hacking activity increases.

    You may remember the Chinese-American hacking war that erupted last year following the spy plane incident, in which hackers from the two countries squared off on the cyber battlefield, causing millions of dollars in damage. Israel is facing a similar war over its perceived injustices to the Palestinian people, only at the moment it's a pretty one-way affair.

    According to a report published on BBC Online, security firm mi2g claims that the biggest victim of web defacements over the last three years has been the .il domain, which is the country domain for Israel. In this time Israel has suffered 548 of the 1295 cyber attacks in the Middle East, and as their aggressive military moves increase the attacks get more frequent.

    In the last two weeks alone Israel has been the victim of two-thirds of all major defacements in the Middle East, which roughly corresponds with the start of their military incursions into the West Bank. Their vulnerability is further heightened by the fact that Israel has the most Internet connections in the Middle East, with 2.4 million connections. This is far more than any of the 22 Arab nations in the region.

    The hacking activity has been limited to web site defacements and denial-of-service (DOS) attacks on Israeli web servers, in which the server is flooded with requests, causing it to overload and crash. And according to Peter Sommer, a senior fellow at the Computer Security Research Centre at the London School of Economics, they should be thankful - the damage could get a lot worse.

    "It is entirely feasible to mount an attack on critical national infrastructure," he told the BBC Online.

    "From a pro-Arab point of view it would be far more effective than sending in a suicide bomber."

    The start of the hacking effort against Israel appears to have emanated from an Egyptian group, who began hacking Israeli websites just days after the September 11 attacks.

    But they face strong competition from a group of Pakistani hackers calling themselves GForce Pakistan, who have not limited themselves to attacks on Israel alone - they hacked a server belonging to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency just after 09/11, and have since threatened to target US and British military sites, claiming they would not do so if the US withdrew from Saudi Arabia and ceased their bombing of Afghanistan.

    According to the chief executive of mi2g, DK Matai, cyber warfare such as this is a good barometer for political tensions around the world.

    "The tense situation in the Middle East is reflected in both covert and overt hack attacks," he told the BBC.

    Not that one would need a hacking war to see what the problems in the world are - just watch and listen, make some clever assessments of the situation, and you're sorted.

    I just find it interesting that computer geeks who know their way around the dark pathways of the hacking world are increasingly emerging as political activists, although it makes sense - there is no better way to get your cause heard than via the Internet.

    Not that hacking and defacing is necessarily the best option - the Chino-American hacking war did nothing more than occupy a bunch of geeks for a few weeks, causing a few million dollars' worth of damage which stretched the resources of insurance companies, who deserve to be hit for indecent sums of money considering that they are, in fact, the new Antichrist.

    But that's best left for another rant.

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    hee hee ... sorry guys .... don't think i'm a hacker , but... the funny part is .. israeli hacker won't find any thing to hack ....

    but i'll tell you one thing you should be sure of ... guys ....
    if the pro Pal. hackers want to go more far in hacking they'll do ... but the fact is .. they only hack sites related to some issue , such as ...

    Islam .. Israeli have built lots of site about Qura'n & Islam it self mentioning lots of fake info.
    and the second thing , the sites related to palestine. they do also same Sh!t as they've done for Islam.

    these sites only hacked and will keep in hacking till they stop what they do ...

    sorry guys ... but it's my point of view as a Palestinian .
    When the power of Love overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace... Jimi Hendrix
    I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask...... what was war?

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    they'll surly get the support of the world that way
    Bukhari:V3B48N826 “The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’”

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    Thumbs up

    I live in Virginia, and I'm still pissed at them
    Massachusets Boys for coming down here
    and kicking us around back in 1865.

    I'm gonna hack some Boston bank and "liberate"
    some of that money those jew bankers ripped
    off from us poor rednecks.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Hmmmmmm........ Isralei computers should have sort of OUR (U.S) technology and security so that tells ya sumfin.

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    Originally posted here by JRoc
    Hmmmmmm........ Isralei computers should have sort of OUR (U.S) technology and security so that tells ya sumfin.

    Very good point. Isreali intelligence is also right up there with that of the US. Ever heard of the Mossad?

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    I've something about isreali and thier history that everyone should know. I'm thinking posting it here.

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    Jewish are descendants from Prophet Abraham. Early 2 B.C their live in west Arabia and at Kannan one of the city in Palastine.

    But then, their move to Egypt because of starvation. Their leader, Prophet Jaacob is leading the way under invitation by Prophet Jusoof (he was adopted by the king Pharaoh). - From Al-Quran, Surah Jusoof, Sentence 12 until 93.

    But day not always bright. When Pharoah only seeing these people are giving him trouble. He start slavery them.

    Pharaoh start to make one order to kill all the newborn baby. The reason is, The Pharoah has told by his witch that one of them will start the revolusion and take the Pharaoh place. At this time Prophet Moses were born. His mother put him in basket and throw him to river. But this baby were saved by one of the Pharaoh wife and he was adopted by Pharaoh family.

    At year 636. Under the Caliph Al-Rasyidin, city of Qudsi at Palastine fall under Muslim. When the Christian Pope want to give the city key, their ask the Muslim to prevent Jewish from entered the city (WHY?). At this time no Jewish are lived within the city.

    At that time the Jewish has no country and their living by nomad style (moving from one place to another).

    At 20th century. their efford to have a country are sympathise the Western. After the World War I (1918). The Western are helping them to seizing the Palastine from the Muslim. At year 1948 England by official gave some of Palastine to Jewish. But then, this was not enough. Their want the the whole Palastine under their command.

    Though, their always want to realise what their calling ZIONIS PROTOCOL. Their saying that they were the chosen one. Their were the world ruler. Their were the people of god.

    Their alway belive that their are the great people choosen by God. Their are thought other race are 'GOYEM' and should obey only to their command.

    I think I would stop here.

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    Try looking at the link below.


    Don't forget who killed the Jesus.

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    I've heard so many arguements about this topic in the past 20 years(I know it's been longer than that, but I'm only 25), I'm sick of it. Here's my two cents...

    Frankly, I don't care...When a bunch of "holy" people want to kill each other, more power to them. But, anyways, it used to be a battle over land. And from some perspective, it still is. Arafat threw a wrench in the works in '93 when he denied the Oslo offering of 90% of what he was asking for(Palestinian state, land offerings, a place in Jerusalem(which reminded me of East and West Berlin, come to think of it).
    Israel, on the other hand, has Ariel Sharon, probably one of the sneakiest politicians around. Israel has taken the most "Western" stance that they can, namely, ****ing **** up and pretending that nothing is going on.
    But on the other hand, I remember when Yasser Arafat was officially labelled a 'terrorist' by the US Government, and most recently, been granted immunity from accusation of it 'because he is a head of the neo-state'.
    But on the other hand, legend says that the Jewish priests turned Christ in to their Roman rulers in order to keep him from ****ing up their politics.
    On the other hand, Israel has willfully attacked and occupied other lands, and then have given them back(think Egypt and Jordan), when put under pressure and realizing that they ****ed up, with minimal confrontation.
    Yet on the other hand, the PLO forces civilians to provide cover for them, by way of the gun.
    But still, Israel could kick the living **** out of the Palestinians if they really wanted to(they are nuclear, thanks to us), but they don't.
    Anyways, on the other hand...........................

    Here's the bottom line, as I see it...
    The Israelis want to contain the Palestinian people in an actual land that they can call their own and be done with it; and the Palestinians(under Arafat, anyway) want nothing less than the scattering of Israel(I suppose to avenge their own lifelong 'struggle' to get what they want).
    It's all back and forth, back and forth....and it's useless. Forgive me for saying so, but the only solution to this 'problem' is one side kicking the **** out of the other side and taking the land. But guess what?! The whole ****ing debacle starts all over again, in time...

    Personally, I don't give a **** who wins(and it seems to be becoming a shirts-skins scratch football game here), as I never 'want' what I haven't personally earned(democracy is nice that way).

    ****ing "holy" people...yeah, okay...

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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