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Thread: What are you doing to make it better...

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    What are you doing to make it better...

    so i've seen a lot of bitching about the "government", society and whatever...as in:


    so my question to you all...mostly intelligent, young people with time on your hands...

    What are you doing to make it better...

    personally, i'm not politically involved...but i am involved in two community charities for which i provide free programming and webhosting...not a huge commitment...but it does make a difference...

    what are you involved in...politics, community, save the whales...whatever...

    and if you're not doing anything...ask yourself ...why...you can still have time for quake3 after a little good work...and you won't be so cranky if you feel like you've made a difference...no matter how small...

    (btw...website defacements for a "just cause" don't count...so don't tell me about them..)
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    I donate my humble skills to an elementary school. I plan to set up classes for the 4,5, and 6 year olds pretty soon, I'm gonna teach them how to set up a network.
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    Dog rescue.
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    Well, i work for a county hall in Portugal, so although I do not server the population (like I have a job with computers), my job is to give the means for my colleagues to be able to best serve them....

    In my free time, I do some free work for some schools (mostly simple stuff, simple lans, and installing windows, and so on...) in the area of my residence.

    Hummm, does going to public manifestations of human rights and so on, counts?! .....

    Nice post....

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    well i vote ... hehe i organize and participate in protests... started a website... publish a free zine to strengthen awareness. and this is just the beginning of my plans
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    I donate blood That way when people get shot up they can live to protest!
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    Louie> you also help maintain some semblance of peace in IRC, so.....

    I don't do much. I will be honest. I used to, but I just really haven't been that motavated lately. Sooner or later, I will start getting involved in my community again, but right now.....
    btw> I don't have time to play quake3, or any other games for that matter. I have never played quake 3, and I haven't turned on my PS2 in almost a month.
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    What am I doing?


    I'm a blood doner, but that's easy.

    I'm a Junior Achievement counselor. I teach 7th grade personal economics at the moment. Junior Achievement is a program where local business people and/or college students come in to local schools (Anywhere from 1st to 12th grade) and teach basic business classes. My class lasts for six weeks and the kids learn basic marketing concepts, how to write checks, planning a monthly budget....that kind of thing. It's really quite fun.

    I'm the technical coordinator for my college's SIFE team. I'm also a member of the team. For those that aren't aquainted with SIFE, it stands for Students in Free Enterprise. It's an international organization of students who "are dedicated to promoting the advancement of free enterprise in their communities". Or in plainer english, it's a business club.

    We do many projects throughout the year involving the community, local schools and our school as well. We help startup business's develop marketing plans and/or webpages. Many of us teach JA classes. We do financial literacy seminars for high schoolers, and a program called Checkbook Challenge for the younger grades. Our biggest project this year was the business clothing drive where we collected used/new business clothes from the community and then paired with several groups (Salvation Army etc) to distribute them to people who need them to look good for a job interview, but can't necessarily afford to buy them.

    That about covers me.

    *hopes this thread-line doesn't turn into a slam against lazy teenagers*


    Read them.

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    I em do ehh i make pc for friends hang out with friends kick some bouncer butt that's all
    hip hop rules

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