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Thread: link goes to wrong place

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    link goes to wrong place

    When I was viewing the top links list, here, I clicked on the Antionline link to get back to the main page but instead of going to the main page I got sent to the discussion forums, here.
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    Strange..... it happened to me too....

    I decided to look at the code and I think this is the problem.....

    <font size="2" class="nf"> AntiOnline &gt; Top Links List</font>[/b]

    <td><font size="2" class="nf"><font size="2" class="nf"> AntiOnline &gt; Discussion Forums</font></td></tr>

    It seems that the previous page was laking some code that is suppose to send the user back to the main page.....

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    Greetings All:

    Problem fixed. Thanks guys!

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