WASHINGTON (AP) -- Four years after the Justice Department and a group of states sued Microsoft for squelching competition, Microsoft is finally turning to its top man, Bill Gates.

The department and half the states settled last year, but the possibility of harsh penalties are hanging over the software giant. Gates is the best person to argue that the proposals would hurt consumers, legal experts said.

"In a sense he is the shadow defendant. Microsoft is his alter ego,'' said Andy Gavil, a Howard University law professor. "If they want to make a credible case that these remedies would be damaging, he's got to make that case.''

Gates was taking the witness stand Monday after lawyers for nine holdout states and the District of Columbia finished questioning David Cole, a senior vice president of Microsoft Network, the company's Internet service. Cole testified to stave off penalties that may affect Microsoft's Passport identity verification service and other Internet ventures.

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so what i under stand is that Bill Gates has an "Anti Trust" and he owns everything. for example like the cds, that make soft, the plastic that makes the cds etc. am i under standing this right?

Bill Gates Anti Trust