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Thread: Help. my email was infected....!!!!!!

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    Help. my email was infected....!!!!!!

    Dear All.
    I'm a newbee from Indonesia and interesting to learn around hack/crack. Now. 2 days ago my email (outlook express) was infected by Virus name : W32.Klez.gen@m.m , sent automatically from others with attachment (it's instruct to open/save), file/mail
    sent random.....
    I already use norton/Macafee but I'm not sure this is efective to fire this virus....

    Thank's to All


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    Go to http://www.mcafeeb2b.com or http://www.norton.com and make sure that you are running the latest updates for the scanning engine you use. You may also read as much as possible about the virus you have in your computer on their websites, they also provides removal instructions for most of the known viruses today.

    Another good site with scan and disinfection programs are www.pandasoftware.com (my personal favorite).

    Hope this help.

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    Symantec has a removal tool here. Read the page toroughly, then follow the instructions. Good luck.
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