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Thread: Linux installation double check

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    Linux installation double check

    I am still a newb to a lot of the Linux installation processes so here is my story. I have installed SuSE linux on an old 486 so that was easy. but now on my Presario 5108US, i'm scared to even mess around with the partitioning and so forth. my goal is to get Mandrake 8.1 on it but i don't even know if t is possible. has anyone installed Mandrake on a Compaq with a built in S3 ProSavage video adapter?

    I have Partition magic 7 and i was thinking that these were the steps to make a successful partition for Linux while running a windows system.
    1-defrag and scandisc
    2-make a boot disc
    3-back up data
    4-create primary EXT and swap partitions on top of the windows partition.

    ---Or i could use the built in partitioner with mandrake but i need some of your opinions on these things----

    i just dont know the worst case scenario. If this partitioning thing goes through, what would i do if Mandrake doesn't work on my comp? or if i can't access windows again because the partitioning erased some critical files?

    any help would be great!

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    The partion isn't on top of the windows partion. It is next to the windows partion...ie if you have a 20 gig drive, you can make 10 gig fat32 for windows, then a 10 gig extended partion. In the extended partion, you make a 500meg swap partion, and a 9.5 gig ext2(3)fs partion. Although with an older computer this may not work, and you may have to make a /boot partion in the first 2046 clusters (about 2 gig I think...)

    Either that, or you could just install linux on top of windows. This runs linux on fat32, so there are some problems with it, but it does work. and it is really simple.
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    When I did my first linux install, I found this program a nice little help. With it you can save your partition data before you do anything. Then if you want to go back you can boot with the created floppy(the site tell you more) and resorre you windows partion to the orginal size though im sure you can do the same thing with partion magic though im not sure.

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    I liked this site on dual booting also.

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    This depends on whether you feel that
    you must preserve your existing Windows
    If you must, then, yes, defrag and then resize
    the windows partition with whatever software
    has that capability. Then you create partitions
    for LINUX.

    I think the best way is to start from scratch,
    creation the partitions you want, installing
    your OSs, first Windows, then LINUX.
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    hi umm lets see i have had a real bad run with mandrake Debian if your a Newbie,Forget about it!!!! corel mmm not enougth real features,if you want something that installs on just about anything,use what im using,Redhat!!!! its excellent for a workstation or server,Also detects a lot of obscure hardware fairly easly,Hope that works

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