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Thread: They killed the lone gunman

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    They killed the lone gunman

    We must bow are heads in silience for those moronic X-files writers have done it again, a part of me is glad there is only 4 episodes left

    Has the show out lived its fan base, How many of you still watch it

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    What is X-files?
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    TV? Whats that? Some type of new-fangled device?
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    man I stoped watching, but by some chance I saw the epiosed to were they died. You know the shows gone to **** when the lone gunman die and skully and mulder arn't the main characters...

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    Digital_Jesu, I saw that episode too.... Me and xmaddness were discussing it on IRC the other night.... How did the plot change from the chick running away to the Lone Gunmen being stuck in a room with a guy with the virus or whatever..... They were the best and smartest characters on the show.....
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    I have only seen one episode.The one that has some aliens under the ice of Antartica (north pole ???), i think.

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    they're just wrapping up loose ends...with the end of the show only a couple of episodes away...they're trying to sum up all the old hanging plot lines...did a lousy job of it too...could "quite" figure out how a fire door would also be good enough to seal in a super-virus...duh...

    i was just waiting for one of them to say, hands pressed against the glass..."you have been...and always shall be my friend..."...bahh
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    Well, In the final episode they appeared again as ghosts.. They appeard to mulder in the desert. Don't remember what they said though. heh

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    The final episode blew. Even if they got all the characters form the show to get up on a big stage and do a ho-down it would still be better then the last episode.
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    i left it after mulder left, not the same two-some

    lost its edge to me


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