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Thread: incubyte ezine for newbies

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    incubyte ezine for newbies

    2 months ago me and some fellow author wannabees finished up our first issue of incubyte ezine, a 50-page collection of articles for the newbie hacker and beyond. You can download this first issue from www.incubyte.cjb.net

    Given the praise for that issue, we're starting the next one, but we want to know what newbies want to read about most. So if anyone wants to see a specific article in the next issue, just post away.

    also, we're always looking for authors... and it doesnt have to be anything boring that has been written before. anything really.

    We'd love to hear anybodies feedback on this.

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    I just thought this was kinda funny. The download file was called...IncubyteHTML.tar.gz

    System Requirements For Issue 1
    2.Keyboard and Mouse
    4.Windows 95/98/Me/2000
    5.Internet Access
    6.Internet Browser (Internet Explorer)
    So I need to run Windows 9x/ME/2k (not XP), yet the file was compressed with tar and gzip, so it is a unix file.....

    Also, it is html files, and I must have Internet Explorer.

    There was a Word version also...does that one also require internet explorer?

    I don't have time to go over it right now, but maybe I will write more later....
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    on my way to download.

    this seems very interesting. and much to my taste.
    my pages: (great resources for everyone)
    geeksarecool.com resource for computers, hacking, virii, wutnot.
    thepillbox.net archive of logs and resource for laughter.
    --enjoy these pages, as they grow.

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    ehhhh sorry soulman

    ok so yeah, we messed up. but its the quality of the articles that matters, not the botched introduction.... lol

    we'll get that fixed up soon i guess. let me know what you think about the rest of it though.

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    second issue site is http://destined.to/incubyte
    we're looking for submissions and also if people want to join the release mailing list.

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