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Thread: anyone know what this is?

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    anyone know what this is?

    I was going threw my weblogs today and this was the first one - - [23/Apr/2002:12:08:46 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 5281 "-" "Sqworm/2.9.85-BETA (beta_release; 20011115-775; i686-pc-linux-gnu)"

    the ip is regesterd to level3.net.

    I did already search google and cannot figure out what is Sqworm. I may be stupid but the word worm being in the name is kindof buggin me out
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    Looks like someone tried to http download a linux package from you......probably typed in the wrong IP address.
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    These user agents are not spiders, but they sometimes appear to be. Most of them are simply programs that are used to view the web other than Netscape or Internet Explorer(KDE,LYNX,etc), others are caching programs that allow people to view web sites faster.

    Also...It is a game called sqworm. It is from CNETasia

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