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Thread: When spyware detection gets targeted

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    When spyware detection gets targeted

    Newsbytes is reporting on spyware that is targetting anti-spyware:

    Anti-Spyware Program Targeted By Multimedia Player

    installing RadLight version 3.03 deletes Lavasoft's Ad-Aware program
    What's next? Software on your computer starting deletion wars?


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    yea... and later the programs are gonna be on the Jerry Springer show ranting at each other...

    it's sick... but I don't think we have to worry... who wanna buy RadLight v3.03 if they know what it does? not many... by using these techniques the software firms destroy their own reputations... just let them fight each other for a while and at the end only the "honest" ones will be left... I hope
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    Yes, it sounds like "Spy" vs "CounterSpy." I think the dirty tricks are hitting an all time low when software is programmed to delete other software. The article didn't mentioned what kind of spyware RadLight installs. It must be installing some kind of spyware if they're wanting to get rid of Ad-Aware. Wonder what it is?
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    Ad-aware was not removed when I installed radlight.
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