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Thread: Scary Stuff

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    Scary Stuff

    This is from www.linuxsecurity.com
    Talk about some crazy stuff......default password on a mysql server in a bank!!!

    Security web site zone-h.org is reporting today that a server belonging to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has been today hacked by a team named The Deceptive Duo. The server was mounting Windows NT4 operative system and was hacked using a database vulnerability. The same Deceptive Duo has hacked yesterday other two flight-related servers,(www.saudiairlines.com and www.iflyrga.com), but this time the game turned to be more serious. In fact, in the FAA database, the hackers were able to access to a large amount of information among this, the complete list of names, family names and ID numbers of the agents working at the airport luggage screening service.
    Those information would be obviously useful for a terrorist who wished to load a bomb into an airplane through a luggage. www.Zone-H.org has succeded in contacting The Deceptive Duo and has obtained an interview. They claim to be two Americans who are very much concerned about the security level of their country. Therefore they feel the need to demonstrate how insecure are still the servers of important organizations like the FAA. They also claimed to have more " high profile " targets which soon will be hacked as a further demonstration of their vulnerability. www.Zone-H.org reported EXCLUSIVELY the mirrors of those hacked servers into its crime archive section.

    Article is here

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    Woah, that is crazy.. .

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    Can't wait for the headlines...
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