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Thread: Help withe Win2k registry

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    Help withe Win2k registry

    I need help!! My administrator has disabled everything you can imagine including installing programs and editing the registry (obviously). I tried to use .reg files off the internet (regedit.com) and even ones I created to allow registry editing. I guess I need a program to edit the registry. Any suggestions?

    Just so you know, wise and installshields come up with the "your administrator has disabled the editing of the registry".


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    Why do you need to have access to the registry?
    Oh wait you dont.........
    Do you relize how many computer ive had to fix cuz stupid people screw up the regestrys??
    Oh well i guess i help you anyway.....go to this site and it will tell you all you need to know:

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    Maybe thats because he's the Admin and you are NOT. He has a reason to keep you out of the registry. If you have a legit use to gain access to the registry. Then ask him for temporary access. I doubt you'll get it as I myself get requests like this and they never have a legit reason.
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    I think I answerd this tread recently. Check the forums
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