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Thread: Resetting administrator password on Windows 2000 domain ctontroller?

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    Unhappy Resetting administrator password on Windows 2000 domain ctontroller?

    We recently installed Active Directory on our Windows 2000 server and promoted it as a domain controller, but somehow our password got screwed up and we had no other domain users created. We have a tool that will allow us to reset the local administrator account. We can get into directory services repair mode now, but still can't log onto the domain.

    Does ANYBODY have any suggestions out there? Thanks in advance.


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    best bet is probably going to be a reformat. sounds like your sid's might have been messed up as well. This is my only guess if the "passwords somehow got mixed up"... Id assume the SIDs did too? is that possible?
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    formatting would prolly be the best bet.


    um. I think i had the same problem with win xp. always make 2 accounts on your computer: 2 administratives. Like, one main one.. then a back up one, incase somethin like that would happen again =)

    i have a network, a lan.. and if anythin happens to my computer.
    i just copy all the files from my computer onto another. so it's all good =)

    even tho i got like 60 gigs on my computer. Why take up mine, when i got other computers like my sister's crappy gateway.

    muahahahaha *evil laugh continues*

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    Try booting the server from the R disk or safe mode F8 boot to command line prompt forget the syntax for 2000 to a google search on scanreg /restore, take the reg back to before the the date of the Active dir.
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    It's Windows... break it.


    I keep saying, you have physical access to the machine, you can pretty much do whatever you want to the box... usually only BofH types, such as myself, will be the exception (though, again, if you are determined enough (and knowledgeable enough), you will still be able to get in... again, with enough determination and know-how).

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