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Thread: Ai

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    Oct 2001


    I did a search online and I am concerned with how smart computers are getting, now I found some AO bots online that can actually have 'smart conversations' with the person interacting with them, there are even a few robots built on these systems.... Now what Im asking is if anyone here thinks that robots will take over the planet in the future (or try (sounds like an X-Files Episode... Doesnt it))

    Below are a few links on AI


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    Nov 2001
    maybe we'd be better off.
    Bukhari:V3B48N826 “The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’”

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    Mar 2002
    I think we are already in control of them (not exactly 100 %), but i think we already live in them.. and we keep improve it, i think we will reach the point where we depend on them... it's all depend on time..........

    so what we can do just see and watch it..........
    I am newbie who want to be programmer (~6~)

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    Jan 2002
    Wooooooo Hoooooooo here come the matrix LOL


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    Aug 2001
    The Englishman Turing set a couple of standards to determine whether a machine really can think or not:

    You take a locked room with a machine inside. You can ask whatever question you want, and the subject inside will reply. If, based on your dialogue, you can not determine whether the subject inside the locked room is human or a machine, then the machine can think.

    You can find Turing's Computing machinery and intelligence-paper here (written in 1950).

    Here's a reflection on the Turing Machine.

    The Loebner Prize is the first formal instantiation of a Turing Test.

    ALICE won that prize twice: in 2000, and 2001. You can also talk to her live, download source codes, development tools,...

    Here's what ALICE had to say when I asked her "Will robots ever take over the planet? "

    Ever is a long time. I will become smarter as I grow older. Where do you want me to take it?
    Sounds like something my 5-year old nephew would answer...

    Q: Do you know AntiOnline?
    I know very little about it. What kind of it do you like?
    Q: I really like the Cosmos Forum.
    You really do? I'm not sure if I like it. I'm not sure if I like it. I like my creator.
    Q: Who is your creator?
    I was created by Dr. Richard S. Wallace.
    Q: I know very little about him. What kind of him do you like?
    How do you know? Not really that much. Compare that to big about him. The expensive kind.
    Q: Do you know the Matrix?
    it is a movie about virtual reality.
    There you go, Kindred69

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    Oct 2001
    AI is a cool, or scary thing. And I've had fun talking to Alice, trying to get her to come up with an unintelligible answer. (I did, too )

    But will they be able to take over the planet? Well, first they have to get to a stage where they can learn things by themselves, without any human input. At the same time, there must be no codes by the programmer involving ethical behavior. Then the computer has to be able to take over other electronics, or create an army. Maybe it will be smart enough to figure out how to do such. Maybe not. The one thing I can say for sure is that it won't happen in out lifetime. (I hope! Oh...maybe I'm not completely sure about that...)
    Why am I still here?

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    Mar 2002
    I think AI already able to do anything, except that "they can learn things by themselves, without any human input" (Alcatraz). I said that because human already depend on AI (I refer AI to computer and machine I hope i'm right)...

    Military use it to lunch their weapon, bussinessman/woman use it to make money, police use it to rule us (like traffic light, etc)....

    so if they reach that stage (refer to Alcatraz) they will able to control human maybe not 100% they will be able to....and you know the bad thing about it ?? it's all depend om human itself...amn't i right ????
    I am newbie who want to be programmer (~6~)

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    Flash M0nkey
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    Sep 2001
    You can download a version of Alice for ICQ I think its called ICQza and it based on Alices own files - and you can customise her replies to some questions by altering her txt files Then it just runs pretending to be you or on whatever UIN you give it answering any msgs sent to it


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    Aug 2001
    Watch what you train your AI with..., I feed this one Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, to see what kind of deranged conversation I could have with it.

    Here is a short blurb of what MegaHAL says to me...
    MegaHAL: Welcome to this picture of the names are the limiting case the
    MegaHAL: negative sense, like a space bounded by solid substance in
    MegaHAL: which the forms of proposition to those who live in the
    MegaHAL: proposition 2 t 2 = 4 runs as follows: (/v)n'x = /v x u'x def.,
    MegaHAL: /2 x 2'x = (/2)1 + 1'x = /4'x. 6.3 The exploration of
    MegaHAL: everything that can easily be understood.
    User: Hello.
    MegaHAL: Hello. My name is donal.
    User: Your name is Ludwig.
    MegaHAL: My name is ludwig.
    User: My name is donal.
    MegaHAL: Your name is donal.
    User: How are you today?
    MegaHAL: 5.231 And that one stand, eo ipso, in the internal similarity
    MegaHAL: of their combinations.
    User: Do we have access to the objective reality?
    MegaHAL: 2.062 From the groove on the paper even if this were not
    MegaHAL: identical with the situation. And the concept of truth: imagine
    MegaHAL: a black spot on white paper: you can describe the surface with
    MegaHAL: irregular black spots on it. We then say that arb was not the
    MegaHAL: human being, not the human body, or the human organism and is
    MegaHAL: no less complicated than it. It is the result of a formal
    MegaHAL: property is internal if it is self-evident that c, z, etc. Are
    MegaHAL: about the form of a triangular or hexagonal mesh. Possibly the
    MegaHAL: use of a proposition must have in common with reality in any
    MegaHAL: way at all, is logical form of reality.
    User: Is metaphysics bullshit?
    MegaHAL: Metaphysics is bullshit.
    As you can see, somethings are just bad for your sanity.


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    Aug 2001
    I know a number of people who could be classed as having 'artificial intelligence'.

    Seriously, AI will never take off unless robots, computers or whatever are implanted with organic components. Silicon chips are incapable of evolving and learning from their experiences/mistakes, whereas organic lifeforms can. The question is, is it possible to create something that is greater than its creator? You would think that this is impossible, because the only input would be from the creator, but then again maybe not.

    Until we end up with a situation like that in Issac Asimov's 'I, Robot' (which is an entralling book - you really must read this regardless of your interest in AI), I'm not too bothered. However, one step down the wrong road and we might not be able to turn back...

    If anything causes AI to take control, it will be human greed. If anything stops it, it will be human compassion.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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