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    Question AO Points

    I've noticed that a lot of people have a few dark green blocks, and then a few light green ones. When did this change? Maybe I'm just noticed it, maybe its been here for sometime.
    I've read lots of posts about gold points and such, maybe JP added the light and dark green points. Anyone know when it was changed? Thanks.

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    dark green = 100 points each. After 5, then light green = 200 points each. Total of 11 possible. (Thank acidspectrum for helping with this). It has been like this for a week or so. We still need to go to a gold dot or something. With 11 max possible, there are going to be problems. Yes, there are only 10 or so people that have 11 greenies right now, but give it another month or two. Eventually, there will be a majority of people with 11 dots....
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    actually soulman its been like that for a while just u couldnt see the difference between the 2 cause it was a really small difference hehe theirs a post in the addicts about it look down a bit for a post by me and with an attachment

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