We use a Microsoft Exchange mailserver here at work, users use Outlook. Most of the users create Personal Folders ( .pst ) to save mail.

One of our users is going on a rather long trip, and wants to take a laptop with him. One of his collegues showed him how to export .pst and import it on his laptop, but something clearly went wrong.

At the time they rang me for help, they somehow managed to delete all original content , leaving them with one .pst which holds all data. The problem is that someone encrypted the file, and the password they say to have used isn't accepted anymore. My guess is that they used another password altogether, but fact is that the original password was lost. I tried all different combinations of the password I could come up with, combined with anticipating errors, nothing worked.

So, I'm stuck here with an encrypted .pst, which holds this guys complete mail archive (200MB+). Does anyone in here know how to bruteforce, hack, change, reset, delete or recover that password - or any other method to get back into this file? Please, help me out here.