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Thread: cabling question...

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    cabling question...

    so we're moving into a new facility...which is somewhat wired with cat5 and some patch bays...but of course i have no documentation on what goes where ...and with cables bundled and running all over 35,000 sqft...visual tracing is not an option...so i'm thinking there must be a tool i can use to test endpoints...i've googled but only found continuity testers...ie both ends in front of you...i suppose there's one out there...but do i need one..

    i figure i can solder up a 2 piece tool...a battery connected to cat5 m and f jacks for the remote cable end and an LED connected to cat5 m and f jacks for the patch bay end...plug the powered end into the remote cable and plug into the patch bay until the led lights...seems simple enough..

    anyone see any problem with that...
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    sounds like that would work..

    you can also check out http://www.specialized.net . They have all kinds of telcom equiptment. I've picked up alot of my stuff there. you may also want to check some place like graybar electric. http://www.graybar.com

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    should work, sounds like a striped down cable tester to me.

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    There is no problem with your proposal. You could always use a penta scanner this will help you find the other end and also report of the quality of the installed cabling as you go. Microtest make one but so do many others


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    Your plan will work fine or just get a tone generator. They are cheap and they work well even when working with big 110 blocks.
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    A toner is the way to go with this one. They cause between 50-200 dallors and are you to trace the cableing to both end or patches.
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    I can't live without mine anymore. Toner's are great...the only thing you REALLY have to make sure is that they wire the jacks (and patch panels) with all 8 wires.

    We've seen a few old jacks wired only with 123-6 punched...and unfortunately the toner's on 4/5.

    I go to Jensen Tools for my Telecom stuff...REALLY GOOD STUFF.

    Also, if you check out the net admin thread, there's a good idea about crossbowing to run cable if you don't do that now.

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    A toning kit is a must for existing cabling - and you'll be amazed at the uses you'll find for it later.

    Also, try looking around the patch panels for slips of papers... often admins are nice enough to, like, tape diagrams up in spots where they are still quite convenient, but not apparent to the casual observer.
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    a cheap sub for a toning kit:

    make an af oscillating circuit (the simpler the better) with the output to 2 alligator clips.
    Attach it to the cable your tracing.
    Spread out the cables your looking threw and pass a small radio over them, it’ll pick up the buzzing.
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