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    Wut OS do you like, use, prefer?

    I was thinking. There are soo many operating systems out there. Free ones, and Ones you need to purchace.

    Some are popular, some are not. Some are good, some aren't soo good. =)

    i'm just curious wut everyone uses... I'm sure theres a pretty good variation.. of different ones.. like free and purchased os's.. but. who knows?

    i use windows, xp professional. I am pretty satisfied with it. I haven't seen any problems with it.. or, atleast not yet.
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    Ahhh OS's

    Here's my Five.

    Games Machine = 98 SE
    Redundant Web Access Box = 98 SE
    Home Work Kit = 2K Prof
    Storage Box = Novell Netware 5.1
    Doorstop = NeXtStep release 3.1

    I did have a Linux box (Redhat 6.whatever), but it died :-( . (So much for me learning Linux)

    I think my favorite OS has to be Windows 2k (Coz it's fairly stable, and It don't phone home quite every second) but for sheer Nads the NeXt box is pretty hard to fault.

    I do have every intention of building a new Linux machine, so don't consign me to the scrapheap quite yet.


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    I'm partial to WinME, Solaris, Linux, and RedHat.

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    i have tried linux , but i did not like it because it is not very easy to use, and i couldn't get my modem or sound card working on it. I use win xp now, it is fairly stable, but can be a pain in the ass sometimes....
    Just my two cents,

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    I use Windows XP. Reason: I like to live dangerously. And what could be more risky than running Windows XP Home Edition.
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    i have tried linux , but i did not like it because it is not very easy to use, and i couldn't get my modem or sound card working on it.
    Doesn't mean linux isn't easy to use.just means you don't know how easy it is to use linux

    Favorite O.S's ,OpenBSD for security, Slackware for useability and i just love linux, and now new to my list is Freebsd ive been screwing with its kernel and its friggin powerfull......

    Least Favorite's is,
    If it starts with a "M"
    Yes that even includes Mandrake

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    My oS's hm........curently i'm using Win.98, Win XP pro and I will use RedHat also (soon, because i need to learn first )..

    Win 98 for anything --> office, internet.
    Win Xp pro --> for fun, cause i like the layout...
    Linux --> will start soon

    and so far my favorite one is 98, it's more stable than anything (for me )...
    I am newbie who want to be programmer (~6~)

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    Hmm, my favorite OS....
    Well, my fav's are:
    Win2k Pro (nice & easy to use.. quite stable)
    RH Linux 7.2 (Stable & just generally good... has suport for alotta stuff)
    Mandrake Linux 8.2 (Stable & very easy to use.. great for begginers)
    FreeBSD (just a very good OS)
    Solaris 8 (very stable & nice.. doesnt scream at you)

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    I use win98se and mandrake 8.1
    But my favorite OS of all time would have to be dos.
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    win2k is my fav, although i do have winxp to "play with"
    i can't say that downloading updates is a fun hobby though...

    i'm a bit partial when it come to linux, redhat and debian are my top two with mandrake not far behind. it just depends on my mood... too bad my unix machine died but it will rise again...

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