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Thread: Mandrake Linux and Real Player

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    Mandrake Linux and Real Player

    I think the Mandrake Linux 8.2 distro I'm getting is supposed to come with Real Player. Does anyone know if this is the version that has spyware installed? I think there is one version with and one without. Thanks.
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    What we need is an ad-aware for Linux.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    Is there a version of RealPlayer out there without spyware?!?! I'm personally not aware of any...

    And it seems that most "ad servers" tend to be nicely named... some of the ones that have found their way in to my firewall rulesets (the ones I can remember off the top of my head, in any case):

    .doubleclick.net (for obvious reasons)
    ads.web.aol.com (stupid AOL IM at work)

    ...I'm sure there are others.
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