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    WinXP/Linux Dual Boot

    Hey guys, Iím very new to this site, but I have been working with computers for about 8 years, so I do know a couple of things. I was just curious though since noone I know has done this yet, can you make a dual boot with Windows XP (Home Edition) and Linux? I'm trying to get started with Linux but Iím still not sure if it's for me or not yet. Also, any recommendations on which distro to get for it? Right now I am reading the Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours, and that came with Red Hat 5.0, but Iíve heard that Mandrake is fairly good for newbieís such as me. Thanks for all your help.
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    I tried to set up a dual boot with my Home edition of Windows XP and Mandrake Linux 7.2.
    Linux ate my windows, I couldn't log onto windows at all....linux booted no matter what. I ended up having to re-install windows.
    I think I messed up on the installation process and am at fault in this error...I will be trying again very soon and look forward to hearing about any problems you may encounter in your endeaver.

    Good luck

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    Well, I don't know much about Linux/Unix at all really (hopefully will learn soon though), but I did install Windows XP Pro and Red Hat Linux 7.1 successfully on my computer. I installed Windows first, taking advice from members here, and it worked fine.

    Just make a seperate partition for your Windows OS and a seperate one for Linux and it should all be sweet.

    Good luck,
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    Yes u can boot windows xp with linux.I have RH 7.1 and winxp(professional).I first had win98,then i upgraded to xp.no problems at all.choose a diff partition for linux.Linux native partition is best.Linux on Fat32 sucks....Good luck.

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