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Thread: Data erasure products do not work

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    Data erasure products do not work

    The Register reports on a test conducted on a number of data erasure products:

    The Register: Datawiping doesn't work

    The result:

    eTesting Labs has run a series of tests of eight commercial available diskwiping products - and only one of them worked properly.
    This is Redemtech Data Erasure, from the company which contracted eTesting to run the trials. So the results should be treated with caution. The eight products were run on six variously configured PCs
    The message: if you want to erase data ... make sure you overwrite it 50 times ...


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    If I securely want to erase data I always use gdisk and wipes the whole harddisk out.

    Gdisk has become a companion in my daily work both in automating cloning, installing, secure erase. The problem is that you have to erase a whole harddisk at a time .

    More info about Gdisk can be found here.

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