Beware of Hotmail cookies
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Thread: Beware of Hotmail cookies

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    Beware of Hotmail cookies

    They make you very vulnerable to hacking!

    Wired: Hotmail at Risk to Cookie Thieves

    The trick involves capturing a copy of the victim's browser cookies file. Once the perpetrator gains two key Hotmail cookies, there's no way to lock him out because at Hotmail, cookies trump even passwords
    *sigh* Another M$oft product ...


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    At least the passwords arent stored in clear text (That exploit is gonna be here nex Tuesday )

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    delete that post now hehe dont want script kiddies getting a hold of this one
    hehe stupid hotmail whats their obbsesion grrrr but seriously didn ie6 have a vuln where u could get the users cookies?? that in cunjuction with this shows MS brilliant coders heh

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