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Thread: Kernal Memory

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    Question Kernal Memory

    During a discussion about CPfw1 is was suggest that a simple way of determining what kind of load is on a particular proxy server would be to monitor the kernal memory. I was told to use the 'netstat -k' command, this give plenty of information but I don't have any idea on how to read it. Would anyone have documentation on what can be read from this results of this command? Or does anyone have another suggestion on how one would keep an eye on the resourses being used on a Sun Ultra10 Solaris 2.7?

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    It looks like -k is a Sun only undocumented option.

    This page has some information about packages that use the kstat data, maybe it can help you figure out some of the information:


    It also discusses other performance monitoring tools for Sun.


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    Just what I was looking for

    The uses of these two docs should clear up a great number of questions, Thanks guys

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