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Thread: D.I.R.T is full of crap

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    D.I.R.T is full of crap

    I was just testing around with the D.I.R.T client. It can be download from http://cryptome.org/dirt-guide.htm if anyone wants it. The question or statement i have is:
    If so called law enforcement and intelligence agencies are using this commercialised trojan, what use is it if MY ANTIVIRUS CAN DETECT IT AS A TROJAN? I mean if an agency really wanted to 'bug' a suspect by sending them the 'bugged' .exe (duh...i'll just open up this .exe from director@fbi.gov), i strongly doubt it will work! One reason being it's obviously a excutable file and another reason that the suspects antivirus would easily be able to detect it! For 3000 dollars and more, this commercialised trojan doesn't even come close to the SC's choice: subseven.
    Now can we really trust the intelligence or law enforcement agencies that use DIRT? How stupid can they be? And yes i know the FBI most probally doesn't use DIRT (hopefully), so i guess it's just the 'convicted ex-policeman who made the trojan' fault!
    BTW i don't think he made it either. I think he just took some other trojan and modified it a bit, but still AV software can detect it! C'mon if your going to buy anY sort of trojan, at least make it from scratch so it's undetectable!
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    Actually, its kinda funny. DIRT is actually a different trojan that was slightly modifed, and then sold to the government as a "tool". Wish I would have thought of that

    I am not sure if the av programs detected it a while ago. Now that the source is available, it is really easy to detect, but when DIRT was still a secret propritary program, I am not sure if the av companys found it.
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    You can find more about thistrojan at this thread http://www.antionline.com/showthread...572#post496572

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    Only the government would pay $1000 for something they could get for free.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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