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Thread: Looking to replace a windows program (non sec. related)

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    Looking to replace a windows program (non sec. related)

    This is not a security question but this seemed like the best place to post..

    I often find myself writing down stuff I need to remember in ASCII files by the hundred and throwing them on the disk for later refrence when I need them, On windows I found a replacement for using notepad to do this..

    It's a program called Jot+ Notes, it stores all the texts in a single cardfile type data base and seems a great deal more reasonable then just leaving random text files strewn about the disk. For those not familliar with the app, it stores all the "cardfiles" and has an explorer like tree structure on the left to navigate them. My problem is that I can't seem to get it running with wine and after getting accustomed to the app I am desperately trying to find a *nix replacement. If anyone has a suggested replacement or a workaround for the milti-text-file thing I am all ears.


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    Hmm. I know that there is kjots (I think that was the name) which organizes by books, and then by pages in them. (No explorer like interface or nested items, though...)
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