Don’t stop playing devil's advocate. Anyone who hears one side of this story needs to hear the other.

Actually they’ve both committed so many atrocities its beginning to look like neither one of them is worthy of governing themselves. The minute you leave them alone one tries to wipe out the other. Their fighting is putting the whole world in danger and must be stopped and neither one of them need be pleased with the outcome.

I had no idea there was an anti-semitic movement growing in Europe again. Thanks Korpdeath for the enlightenment. This in itself is an atrocity. There are no anti-muslim factions. Not even in Manhattan. Nobody here blames muslims for the deaths of their friends and loved ones. It’s a couple of megalomaniac scumbags that say they speak for god that are responsible and even our pro-israel press would not dare try to print anything to cause hatred against our muslim communities. Every citizen would make sure they were put out of business.

Does anyone have any info on this anti-semitic thing?