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Thread: am i on the right way?

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    Originally posted here by rcgreen
    There's only one thing missing.
    You need a script to automate
    the whole process, so your
    machine will do the hacking
    while you are out getting a life!
    thats like the best quote i have ever heard in a few years! OMG! thats great!

    Can you give me permission to post that on my page rcgreen?

    also. lamer boy, you aren't even close to the path. your off in the woods or in the water or something. dude! this isn't a hacking site. it's a security site, to let the world of "security" help actual people and people who are in fear of hacking.. protect them from morons like you.

    you prolly have dropped down AO's iq, and information and made ao look bad for the complete 10 seconds it takes for anyone to read your dumb ass post.

    i do apologize for trippin out on you .. but these posts just piss me off.

    oh and, if you wanna learn goto my page. i'm sure you'll learn something there!
    my pages: (great resources for everyone) resource for computers, hacking, virii, wutnot. archive of logs and resource for laughter.
    --enjoy these pages, as they grow.

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    He is definetly screwing around.

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    with a name like lammerx, he must be screwing around...

    but in case he is not joking.... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?! first of all, "hacking" as many people refer to it is not being able to get into peoples systems and "getting root" hacking is a search for knowledge a quest for understanding. yes hackers have the ability to do what you are talking about. but most true hackers don't. you are going more along the lines of a cracker or skript kiddie, who do these things for no reason or with malicious intent. second, you should realize at this point that this site is for security, not hacking. we here are trying to discuss ways to stop people who want to do the things you mentioned. not aid them. third, you should also realize that the things you mentioned are illegal or frowned upon highly by officials and isp's. scanning for machines or port scanning alone will get you kicked off your isp (which i can only assume is aol). all it takes is one machine to be logging ips and scan attempts with it's fire wall and your ass is grass. even though i doubt you have the attention span to read this far... i will still continue what i have to say. if you are so hell bent on doing this. use valhallen's methiod. it is the safest and most fool proof.
    Learn like you are going to live forever, live like you are going to die tomorrow.


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    Originally posted here by fr0z3n

    thats like the best quote i have ever heard in a few years! OMG! thats great!

    Can you give me permission to post that on my page rcgreen?
    Feel free.

    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    can you really go to jail for scanning ips??

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    Not for scanning IPs, but for hacking a computer.

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    Tell me am i on the right way... If that's so... tell me how to 'find exploit and exploit the machine and find the passwd file'.
    Ok. Listen closely. This is what you need to do. Are you ready? Take your finger, stick it in the power point on your bedroom wall and you will be "enlightened". It's that's simple .
    OpenBSD - The proactively secure operating system.

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    In reference to port scanning see this link:

    In any event, I wouldn't be scanning large ranges of IP addresses since this is a clue to "cracker" activity. Unless you have a "cracker friendly" ISP, and I believe there are some, you can get booted by your ISP. On the other hand I have port scanned skript kiddies who were trying to sub 7 me. My ISP (RoadRunner) has never complained to me, but then again that was just single addresses I was scanning, and I don't think the skript kiddies would be in much position to complain against me.
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    hip hop rules

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    There is only one thing about his post that really scares the crap out of me. The very last line:
    love ya..
    He must be wayyyyy off track....
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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