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    Crooks Cause Chilean Car Chaos


    In Santiago de Chile, 800 of the city's 1,800 traffic lights went haywire after thieves stole 15 PCs and 2 servers from the Unidad Operativa de Control de Tránsito ( UOCT), the office that manages the traffic flow of the city.

    I just have a question to all AO members. What kind of havoc would happen if you had your computer/laptop stolen?

    Do you all kind your most important files encrypted? Practice what you preach?

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    woah! wuts this world coming to? Damn.. I swear.

    people can't afford ****, so they steal and cause chaos?


    i encrypt some of my files, not all of them. i have no phear. =)
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    And a reply ....

    I was mugged in the street a couple of months ago. (bastards took my laptop)

    Apart from the bruises the following hassles have occured.

    1. I had to ring work at 11pm and get my remote access passwords all reset (along with my Terminal server and network passwords for double safety)

    2. You wouldn't believe the amount of paperwork that i've had to complete.

    3. I've had to work from the office (or be stuck at home) when I do tasks that require out-of-hours actions.

    5. I had to buy a new copy of Quake 2. and Dido's No Angel :-(

    4. (And most importantly) I can't watch DVD's / play games on trains anymore :-(

    Not quite in the same league but annoying none-the-less. And i'm still awaiting the replacement.

    As for the data on the PC, nothing important


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    I would encrypt stuff if I had anything worth encrypting.
    Its not software piracy. I’m just making multiple off site backups.

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    Call me sick if you will, but I find this one fairly amusing. I've had my house robbed at one point, they stole all my server ****, 6 workstations, my stereo and a few other things. I too had to call in to work and have all my remote passwords reset and have yet to see any form of reimbursement from the occassion. I've now replaced most of the hardware in the server closet, but I've also rerigged most of the eletrical security components for the closet.
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