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Thread: Building new computer

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    I say Western Digital for speed, but I have found Maxtor drives are much easier to install in my experience. (could just be my situations but I've done this a lot, building comps is my job)
    Also, Maxtor's website offers plenty of info to get you started.
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    depends on what you are using the system for. i have a maxtor and a western digital and they both work well, but after 2 years (computer on most of the time, sleep mode enabled) the maxtor broke and i had to send it in for a new one, which i recieved within two business days of its arrival to their location...
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    Perfection in equipment is an elusive goal but I've had the best luck with Maxtor. I build custom systems and the only drive I put in is Maxtor for two reasons. Extremely low RMA's and when it does occur they replace them within 2 days. Can't argue with that. I grabbed a Maxtor off the shelve at Staples just after they bought out Quantum and when I got back to the shop and opened up the box I had a quantum fireball staring back at me. I mentioned it to Maxtor at one point and was told if i had any issues, even just being nervous about the quantum I was to RMA it. Few months later, it started making this god awful clicking noise and I called Maxtor CS, no argument and in 2 days I had a Maxtor Diamond in replacement. I just can't find fault with Customer Service like that.


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    Just wondering, are there any issues (negative) to take into account when considering using a larger (80 gig and up) hard drive?
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    Well that settles it, i'll most likely be goin for either a Maxtor or WD, has anyone had any problem with Western Digital support? b/c most likely i will go for WD b/c i've already had a WD install. Thanks again for all your guys help, really made me, a lowly newbie, feel welcome here.
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    I've had a ton of problems with WD, they have a three year warranty on the drives but my theory is why replace garbage with garbage?

    That's just my thought and my experience. I've had terrible luck with Western Digital no offense to all the people that haven't.


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    i have A seagate 7200rpm 80GB HD and no problems with it it's quite fast just search for a cheap one and then look on hardware site's how that HD behaves
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