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Thread: Mood Bug

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    Mood Bug

    JP, i have found yet another bug on your website, this time with the mood setting. As you can see from my post, my mood is a single extremely long series of a single character. This can be more of an annoyance than anything.
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    Hmmmm.....its on a windows box it can't be perfect
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    hey, its on a Sun box now, so fix it.
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    i found this bug a while ago but i didnt bother reporting it cause whenever bugs liek this are found people tend to sploit it just to be a-holes and force him to fix it... i say let it stay that way when a moron trys to do it for a purpose then he can just be banned
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    Problem fixed. From now on, when someone updates their mood, it'll break up words greater than 8 chars.


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